First of all I want to say thank you to Alloh SWT and also our prophet Muhammad SAW, finally this debut can be accomplised, of course sacrificing of time, health, and schedule of recording production will always be in my memory. Particularly my parents who always give me support and spirit. My father, Mr. Abdurachman, and my mother, Mrs. Titi Supriati (passed away), both of them had convinced me that I can reach my dream.

So as my motivators, they are my first sister, Indri Astuti and her husband, Ali Mumin. My second, sister, Siti Maryam and her husband Swen Lauenroth who live in German. My beloved nieces and nephew. They are Alya, Salwa, and Rayhan.

Absolutely I dont forget to say my grateful to my beloved friends who has given their hands and valuable time to help me accomplish my debut. They are Thomas Ramdhan (GIGI), Vicky Mono (Burgerkill), Suar Nasution , DJ.Eone (Eye Feel Six), Bueno (Rock N Roll Mafia), Andre Vinsens (Jeruji), Kimung (Karinding Attack), Karra (Sweden Artist), Petra Sihombing, Ramdan (Burgerkill), Marcell Siahaan (Konspirasi), Daniel/Damag (DeadSquad), Ari Firman (The Groove), Diat (Yovie and Nuno), Eky, Bueno, Hendra & Ykha Amelz, Lucky Sarwo (Rock N Roll Mafia), Grahadea (Hmgnc), Helvi (Teenage Death Star), Angkuy (Bottle Smoker), Ulf-Blomberg (Mastering Engineer, @hoborec-Malmo-Sweden), Dendy Darman/Unkl347, Yoga Ogre As Photographer, Setia Adhi Kurniawan as Graphic Designer.

I also will not be here without them, so this is my best regards , They are: Bandung Islamic University, Faculty of Communication 1997, Albasyariyah (Islamic boarding school), Gontor Darussalam , Bonde & Ipang Lazuardi, Cupumanik, Evan & Babam (Stornlab), (Iyo, Arif, Ademuir, Budi Puresaturday), Yoga Patria & Tattva Musik, Cowboy From Hell/CFH Merch (Ade, Nenon, Abah Andris), Ai Mobil Derek, Jaques & Botfvck Sins Of Suns, Nugraha Indra & Adit Android (Helm Proyek), Emilbias (Ex.Producer "Surau Dan Silek and Liam Dan Laila The Movie, Gebeg/Taring, Ebenz Burgerkill, Adymas Haryo (DMZ),

Last but not least, I wan to reveal thanks a bunch to all Indonesian musicians who always try the best to make their music even greater. Also to all my best friends, that couldn't mention one by one. I hope all of you will always healthy so you can reach your dream. Keep making best master piece and never lost spirit.

This is it, friends! Parakuat new album " Fundamental Of Desire " is now available at your favorite indie shop and my website, CD, or digital download. It’s been a labor of love and im excited to finally put it in your hands and your ears. As a token of our appreciation, stream the full thing here for a limited time.

Thanks for all the love and support. This has been me biggest and best release to date and i could not have done it without you. Thanks again for allowing me to do what me do.