Parakuat is Eri Rm Solo project, established in October 2017, It began with "Duo" concept which was initiated by 'Vicky Mono - Burgerkill'. At that time we had not given any name for the Duo, because we all agreed to make the music first.

Time passed by, both of us coincided to turn 'Duo' into 'Solo' for me. This decision was taken, because he had to be focus in finishing his fifth album Burgerkill-Adamantine

Parakuat have collaboration with some musicians such as Thomas Ramadhan /Gigi/, Vicky Mono /Burgerkill/, Suar Nasution, Eone Cronik /Eye Feel Six/, Bueno /Rock N Roll Mafia/, Andre Vinsensius /Jeruji/, Kimung /Jon Pasisian/, Karra /Sweden Artist/, Petra Sihombing, Ramdan /Burgerkill/, Marcell Siahaan /Konspirasi/, Damag /DeadSquad/,Ari Firman /The Groove/, Diat /Yovie & Nuno/, Eky /Rock N Roll Mafia/, Grahadea /Hmgnc/, Helvi /Teenage Death Star/, and Angkuy /Bottle Smoker/.

The launching of this debut album was based on my personal experience. I return to music world again, after having off from it for almost six years. It is just like learning at to zero point once more by passing through many things.